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Malaga tourism


Spain holidays are truly one of the best getaways one can have. The amazing places that one can visit here truly make this such an ideal destination for families and couples who want to unwind and relieve themselves of the stress brought by the daily grind. One of the places that you shouldn’t miss visiting is the city of Malaga. Feel free to read on below to know more about the tourism in the beautiful Malaga.

Founded by the Phoenicians, Malaga, situated 370 kilometers to the south of Alicante, is the second largest city of Andalusia. Apart for its architecture, it is also famous for its gastronomical delights and for its nightlife. It is the best bet for those who love fiestas and have an attraction for folklore.

Lovers of sports, especially golf, will have their hands full, playing their favorite games at the various golf courses found around this city. Not mentioning about Costa de sol would be a great injustice, because tourists from all over the world visit Malaga, just to see this beach. This city is also the birthplace of the famous artist, Pablo Picasso. Continue Reading

Hotels in Malaga, Spain


There is such a wide range of choices for hotels in Malaga, you will have no problem finding one that is just right for you. Everything from a simple youth hostel to five star luxury hotels await you in this beautiful city. Continue Reading

Deal of the Day: $89 — St. Lucia All-Inclusive Beach Resort


St. Lucia is often a jewel inside the sea with abounding beauty and black sand beaches making this tiny slice of paradise the perfect Caribbean holidays escape. Fill you day with places to look and things to do, or kick your shoes off and plant yourself in front of the waves. Caribbean holidays will almost always be served your path, taking the fast lane to excitement or even the slow road to relaxation.

Once you get through to the airport, navigate to the Sandals desk. Your complimentary transfer to & from your resort will already be arranged by Sandals. If going to the Vigie airport, the transfer time and energy to the resort is 15-20 minutes. If flying into Hewanorra International Airport, the transfer time is about two hours.

One of the most enjoyable group of activity will be the watersports activity. Sunfish sailing is certainly one such activity. It is enjoyed by millions all over the world since it is a thrilling review of sailing for young children who’ve a passion of sailing. Another water sporting activity that family can enjoy is wind surfing. Even though this uses a little more skill than sunfish sailing, it is a really pleasurable activity when it’s possible to to understand it. Other fascinating aquatic events activity enjoyed by million coming to the Caribbean on family visiting is yachting allowing individuals to spend days on the seas traveling from island to island enjoying the scenic coastline and the underwater fascinating coral reefs.

‘This year’s festival will continue to infuse artistic events with star-studded musical performances, providing a platform for local artisans, entertainers and cultural enthusiasts to also command world attention during the two-week celebration,’ remarked Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries Minister Lorne Theophilus.

The majority of Sandals Resorts are situated in Jamaica, a very popular location for honeymooners due impart to its affordability and relative proximity on the US. There are, however, destinations in lesser known exotic lands like Antigua and St. Lucia where the internationally renowned Piton Mountains are.

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All Inclusive Resorts in St Lucia: Spoil Yourself With Space And Serenity
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Dusit Laguna Resort Phuket – Kids friendly and Home Article content


As the saying goes, only death and taxes are certain nowadays. There are women who enter tubal ligation thinking that they do not want to have anymore children. After some time, they research for solutions to reverse the process for they think empty and they also need to bear another child to the world. The alteration of decision may be due to a variety of reasons such as remarriage, death of your child or change in financial status. Whatever it could be, you’ll find those who work in search for the possibility of pregnancy after tubal ligation surgery. Dream Vacation at Bora Bora Resorts

The Bahamas is known as the origination in the concept in the all-inclusive resort. All-inclusive properties include all meals, beverages, tips and more. These typically include hotel accommodations to get a specified amount of nights. All-inclusive resorts inside Bahamas might not be as plentiful as on other Caribbean islands, though the big-name resorts like Sandals and Club Med, can still be found. These all-inclusive resorts give a various vacation amenities first flat price, that is usually less than getting those self same amenities one by one individually.

Whether a ski complex at the top of a mountain, a weekend spa retreat or perhaps an exclusive tropical escape, resorts need someone to make sure that it is all totally run to high standards. Guests choose this sort of destination to place every day cares dealt with, with either relaxation as well as to buckle down and ply their trade devoid of the usual distractions. You’ll be such as the chatelaine of your old-fashioned castle, keeping inventory of the supplies, monitoring the performance of one’s staff and constantly watching out to be sure there’s good hospitality. Resort management speciality programs will target anything from food safety inside resort’s restaurant kitchen to decorating rooms, causing you to online resources many skills. St. Lucia all inclusive vacations – your best choice to relax in the Paradise

The Tomo Hotel, perfectly located at the center of Japantown in San Fransisco, California, comes with two ‘gaming suites’. Seriously, these suites have devices to acquire its name: a Sony PS3 console, an 8 by 5 foot screen and a Nintendo Wii. Especially, the rooms are decorated based on Japanese culture theme. Bora Bora All Inclusive Resorts Comparisons for the Best Deal

Such adventurous pursuits are just the main good reason that Egypt holidays have become popular with British tourists. Destinations like Hurghada offer all you could want from the sunshine break at affordable prices, using the facilities and choice of food available at its five-star resorts making it the ideal choice to have an affordable holiday.

Why All inclusive Caribbean Resorts are the way to go


If you are going on an all inclusive Caribbean trips then you should make sure that you have the best package so that you will truly have a wonderful vacation that you will not hesitate in bragging to your friends. Go to for more Caribbean all inclusive deals!

There are now a range of all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean that you can choose from. Your all inclusive Caribbean trips can be done even with a limited budget with the many hotels that have low rates yet great amenities. Continue Reading

Sea Life Benalmadena


A trip to Spain does not begin and end with a visit to see and explore its major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Seville. The Iberian Peninsula has countless other attractions to offer tourists and visitors and you might want to leave your apartment for awhile to visit and explore Spain’s hidden treasures including the wonders found in heart of Costa Del Sol where you can find the Sea Life Aquarium in Benalmádena. The first interactive aquarium in Andalusia offers us a glimpse of the most hidden mysteries of the underwater kingdom. The penetrating aroma of the sea and the whispering of the waves let us know that our fascinating journey to the sea world has begun. Continue Reading

Selwo Marina


Located in Benalmádena, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Selwo Marina has the only Dolphinarium and Penguin Colony in Andalusia. In this exclusive Park, you can enjoy incomparable adventures transporting you to different South American locations to learn about their most charismatic fauna up-close in a land full of contrasts, starting in the warm Caribbean and ending in the icy Antarctic lands. Continue Reading

Malaga Cathedral


People often visit the cathedrals here if they want to witness grand architectures that bear the history and culture of this country. Europe has many awe-inspiring cathedrals. But throughout most of the continent there is a kind of sameness to their designs. That shouldn’t be surprising since architects readily borrowed ideas from one another, and building technology was limited in the periods they were built, from about 1200-1800AD. But it is possible to see some truly different styles, particularly in Andalucia, Spain. Continue Reading

Travel guide to Malaga, Spain


There is nothing more relaxing than by going for a nice holiday with the people closest to your heart. Look for flights to Malaga and treat your loved ones to a fantastic holiday in this premiere destination in Spain. There are plenty of places to visit and breathtaking sights to witness in this beautiful travel spot. Read on below to know interesting and useful things about travelling to Malaga. Continue Reading

Malaga weather


If you are traveling to Malaga, Spain, you can enjoy yourself any time of the year, but you will have to decide what you want to do on vacation in order to decide on what time of year to travel there. Summers in Malaga are hot and dry, perfect beach weather. But the winters are mild, with snow a rarity, so if you want to escape the snowy north, it might be an ideal destination for a winter vacation. And the spring and fall have warm temperatures with only a little rain; most of the days in this region of Spain are sunny. Continue Reading

Malaga Airport


The Malaga Airport knows how to process large numbers of visitors, and rightfully so. Most of the people who are arriving in Spain to visit the Costal del Sol region use the Malaga Airport.   Continue Reading

Aguamarina Apart Hotel



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Nearest major airport:
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